UX designerI’m a freelance UX designer and product designer from London, UK. I design from initial sketches to final UI design.

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UI / UX designer: Sensoria wearable fitness device and app

Sensoria are pioneers of the “internet of things” and have created their own wearable sports technology. The Sensoria app connect via Bluetooth to sensor filled footwear. The project was a full app product design: wireframes, user flows, visual design and creating graphic assets for iOS and Android. Read more about the design of the Sensoria Fitness for iOS and Android


UI / UX designer: Phrasewise Android / iPhone app for learning English

UX review and design iteration of Phrasewise, a new English language learning app that’s coming soon, using rich content and sound learning principles to teach useful phrases. Learn more about the app


Branding and logo designer for wedding photographer

New logo and branding for Alex Havret, a Lyon based wedding photographer. The concept combines the “pavilion” view of a diamond and the “iris” of an eye,  meaning: “enduring, quality and clarity”. Read more about the logo creation


UI / UX designer: music playlisting  Android / iPhone / iPad app

Product design including: wireframes, user journeys, and creating graphic assets for iOS and Android. Read more about the design of the Last.fm Scrobbler


Infographic designer: Year in Music infographic design for Last.fm

Music listening data from Last.fm was compared to news events in the year to see if the story caused an increase in listening to that artist. Illustration and poster design. Read more about the Last.fm infographic


Logo designer and animation: Apps Reinvented

Apps Reinvented helps organisations convert their educational content into compelling apps for learning. See the site


Data visualisation designer: Music poster for Last.fm

Data visualisation to celebrate 10 years of gathering music listening data. A basic ribbon graph showing changing music genres over a decade was generated by the Last.fm data team, then graph was traced and styled in Illustrator. An anniversary logo was also designed. Read more about the Last.fm visualisation


Web designer: Peter Owen Publishers

Book catalogue and affiliate e-Book website for independent British publisher, Peter Owen. Website design and WordPress customisation. Visit www.peterowenpublishers.com


UI / UX designer: JustGo music iPhone app for DJs

The JustGo Music app helps DJs distribute their latest tracks at once to Youtube and Soundcloud, while simultaeneaously posting links to Facebook and Twitter. iPhone app design including creating graphic assets, and providing a style guide for the development team. Read more about the design of the Justgomusic app


Logo and branding designer: Easy Gourmet Catering

Easy Gourmet Catering needed a new logo, branding and WordPress website to increase their SEO and make marketing and blogging easier. The logo was inspired by the chef’s signature, heart-shaped flourish added to sauces by dropping a teaspoon of cream, then dragging the spoon through to form a point. Read more about the Easy Gourmet branding


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